Timber Ridge Golf Club Course Layout

  • Hole 1-Eastward Ho
    Hole 1-Eastward Ho

    The ideal tee shot is left of center on this broad opening hole. The elevated green may require one more club to reach. The green is well protected by bunkers on the left and right sides.

  • Hole 2-Punch Bowl
    Hole 2-Punch Bowl

    This short Par 4 requires only an iron from the tee. Like the first hole, the fairway feeds right to left. Your second shot is downhill to a large green which slopes back to front. A bunker guards against any shots hit short and right.

  • Hole 3-Cape
    Hole 3-Cape

    The pond on the left and the bunkers on the right call for increased accuracy from the tee. Placement supercedes distance on this hole, so be sure to choose your club with this in mind. The elevated green is flat and protected by bunkers in all four corners.

  • Hole 4-Short
    Hole 4-Short

    This is one of the most severely sloped greens on the course. It runs from back-to-front and from left-to-right. Double-check your yardage before firing at the pin. Three large bunkers will collect any shots too far off line.

  • Hole 5-Timber
    Hole 5-Timber

    Measuring 437 yards from the back tee, this number one handicap hole is a good test from the tee. Favor the left side of the fairway for a clear approach to the green. The approach area slopes from left to right, so accurate yardage is a must for proper club selection. Par is a great score here.

  • Hole 6-Long
    Hole 6-Long

    This double dogleg Par 5 demands three good shots to reach in regulation. The tee shot should work from left-to-right while the second shot comes back right-to-left. The narrow green slopes from left-to-right and is guarded by two bunkers in the front.

  • Hole 7-Bend
    Hole 7-Bend

    The near 90-degree dogleg right requires a shot between 190 and 230 yards from the white tees. Favor the left side of the fairway to insure that you have a good look at the green. Once around the corner, you’re left with nothing more than a short to mid-range iron.

  • Hole 8- Himalayas
    Hole 8- Himalayas

    This hole allows you to get back on the offensive. The short uphill Par 3 is straightforward. The green is two-tiered and slopes from back to front. Leave yourself below the hole to have the best run at a birdie.

  • Hole 9-Turn
    Hole 9-Turn

    Favor the right side from the tee to avoid the out-of-bounds area left of the cart path, and to set up your second shot. Watch for the bunker short and left on your uphill third shot. Caution: The green slopes away and to the right.

  • Hole 10-Northward Ho
    Hole 10-Northward Ho

    The 80 foot elevation change will add distance to your drive and help you to hit one of the widest fairways on the course. Beware of the fairway bunker on the right. The two-tiered green slopes away on the upper level.

  • Hole 11 - Wee Biarritz
    Hole 11 - Wee Biarritz

    Make sure to check the yardage on this short Par 3. The variety of pin placements on this long green could mean a difference of up to three clubs. Accurate club selection is essential. The bank on the let side of the green feeds all errant shots into the pond.

  • Hole 12 - Bonnie's Leg
    Hole 12 - Bonnie's Leg

    This is a definite birdie opportunity. The shortest Par 4 on the course offers a variety of options from the tee. Play a long iron for accuracy or pull out your driver and have a go at it. The second shot is nothing more than a short iron into this flat and firm green.

  • Hole 13-Ridge
    Hole 13-Ridge

    Try to keep your tee shot to the right side of the fairway of this sharp dogleg left. If you try to cut too much of the corner off, you will be blocked out by the trees. Choose your club wisely on the second shot, as this green is full of undulations.

  • Hole 14-High
    Hole 14-High

    What a view! Like the 10th hole, the elevation change will add a few yards to your drive. This narrow fairway is guarded on both sides by bunkers. Accuracy from the tee is key on this hole to set up the uphill second shot to an elevated green.

  • Hole 15-Gully
    Hole 15-Gully

    This short Par 5 has a hidden fairway bunker on the left. Favor the left center of the fairway for the best approach to the green. Be sure to check the pin placement before choosing a club for your approach to the two-tiered green. Play to the right side of the green to work the right-to-left slope.

  • Hole 16-Redan
    Hole 16-Redan

    Wind and pin placement add to the degree of difficulty on this beautiful par three. The elevated tee box and angle of the green must also be considered in club selection. Caution: This green slopes entirely toward the water.

  • Hole 17-Narrows
    Hole 17-Narrows

    Off the tee, favor the right side of the fairway as the hill funnels to the left. Beware on the second shot. A wetlands area comes into play on the right side of the fairway 130 yards from the green. Stay to the left and you’ll have a good look at the large green that slopes from back to front.

  • Hole 18-Home
    Hole 18-Home

    Hole 18-Home This classic finishing hole demands everything you have left. The right side of the fairway is the ideal position for a shot into the green. Bunkers guard short and right while the water takes care of any wayward shots to the left. We hope you enjoyed your round!